CENAE (Centro de Ensayos Normalizados de Agentes Extintores) is the first normalized testing center of extinguishing agents in Argentina, which is under accreditation process in compliance with ISO 17025 standards.

In CENAE highly-qualified human resources, avant-garde infrastructure, and state-of-the-art technology meet, to ensure valid technically tests and in concordance with the standards norms that regulate them.

The tests performed by CENAE are internationally valid and help facilitate trade, overcoming the entry barriers due to the technical requirements of such products in different countries.


  • Laboratorio normalizado
  • Más simple y rápido
  • Única muestra
  • Un solo lugar
  • Totalidad de los ensayos normativos
  • Métodos de ensayos normativos
  • Validez Internacional
  • Independencia de criterio
  • Resultado veraz y certero