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CNAE centralizes all the tests of the different agents in a single laboratory. It is equipped with highly trained human resources and state-of-the-art technology.


At CENAE, research is being done on the characteristics, properties and compliance with the specifications of quality standards for dry chemical powders and synthetic foams.

The tests evaluate the physical-chemical aspects of the samples and their extinguishing potential. For this, CENAE has three independent units:


Demsa’s AFFF and AR-AFFF foam concentrates are highly stable and therefore suitable for long-term storage with little or no significant change in performance. However, the performance of a concentrate can be altered for various reasons such as:

-Storage outside the original packaging in which the product is delivered.
-Dilution of the concentrate (for example as an effect of condensation in tanks)
-Contamination (for example oxides from tank corrosion)
-Extreme temperatures (outside the working limit of the concentrate) Thus, the purpose of the test is to evaluate whether the tested sample is within the manufacturer’s specifications.


The tests carried out on the concentrate include the following:

– Appearance
– Specific gravity
– Freezing point
– Surface tension
– Expansion rate